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  You are most welcome to visit us by APPOINTMENT, we do not want you disappointed by finding us busy with clients so please contact us so that we may schedule your visit to Woodcock Hill. We are available 7 days a week, just call for your appointment. We are located in northeastern Pennsylvania about halfway between Williamsport and Wilkes-Barre, close to I-80 & I-81. We are 3 hours from NYC & Baltimore, 2 1/2 hours from Philadelphia & 4 hours from Pittsburgh. If you are coming by air, the closest commercial airport (45 min.) is Avoca Airport located at Wilkes-Barre, Scranton. Both Delta and US Air service this airport. The standard car rental agencies are available and if required we will make arrangements to meet you at the airport. If you are interested in flying your own plane, there is in addition to the above airport Bloomsburg, Forty Fort, and a small 2,200 ft. grass runway in Benton itself. Just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in arranging your visit to Woodcock Hill. E-Mail us at     -    (click here )   [email protected]

For exact directions to the office send us an e-mail or call and we will get them off to you.

We have  3 Jack Russell's, there is plenty of space and kennels available if you want to bring your dogs for a visit.


Woodcock Hill Inc.
192 Spencers Road
Benton,  PA  17814   USA

Phone:  570-864-3242   Fax:  570-864-3232
E-Mail:  [email protected]   Web Site:  www.woodcockhill.com


We accept            &  Master Card   

     Needless to say the old standby cash or a good personal check always works. 

Deposit: There is a 50% deposit required for all shooting schools and gun-fittings.


  We offer our Shooting Schools (weather permitting) and Try-Gun fittings on a year round basis, seven days a week.

Try-Gun Services

  Woodcock Hill Inc. has purchased the London Gun Company of Thomas Bland & Sons® Gunmakers Ltd. and is continuing the 150+ year tradition of offering complete Gunmaking and Shooting facilities to discerning shooters of all types both in England and the United States.

  REMEMBER:  An Instructor does not a Gun Fitter make; Conversely, a Gun Fitter does not an Instructor make.

Search for a firm which is qualified in both fields, so that you will not waste your money.



Call us at (570) 864-3242 or E-Mail   [email protected]
To make an appointment to visit or a Try-Gun Fitting or Shooting School

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