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Gun Fitting For both Shotgun & Rifle

Try-Gun Services

Our Try-Gun Fitting is done undercover and is NOT effected by weather.

Give a Gift Certificate to a friend or loved one for a Try-Gun Fitting

  Woodcock Hill Inc. has purchased the London Gun Company of Thomas Bland & Sons® Gun makers Ltd, and is continuing the 150+ year tradition of offering complete Gun making and Shooting facilities to discerning shooters of all types both in England and the United States.

  In conjunction with our Shooting School we offer a complete Try-Gun service. Each Gun Fitting is personally conducted by a fully certified B.A.S.C. (British Association of Shooting & Conservation) Sporting Shotgun Coach. There are only two such certified coaches outside the United Kingdom and both are at Woodcock Hill Inc.

  Along with the correct Style of shooting, the two most important elements in being consistent and successful with a shotgun are: practice & the use of a properly fitted gun. The practice is something to which you must devote your time and patience, although we do offer a range where you may practice at your leisure. King George V was known to have practiced mounting his guns 15 minutes every day.

  Without a properly fitted gun it is impossible to reach your full shooting potential, no matter what your Style, or how much, or how often you practice. You may rest assured that the good King shot only with guns which were adjusted to fit him properly. In many situations the cause of poor shooting, especially where a quick shot is the norm, such as in grouse or sporting clays is the result of a poorly fitting gun.

  The combination of a well made and a properly fitted gun will be a major factor in the improvement of your shooting, and making your sport more enjoyable. You will find that a properly fitted gun in many circumstances will make the difference in the margin of skill between shooters. It certainly affords some degree of consolation to know that the bird or clay was missed as a result of something which you have done incorrectly; not, the result of a poorly fitting gun. Remember; there is and always will be a big space around the birds. The better the fit of your gun the better the results are bound to be.

  We offer a complete on the premises TRY-GUN service. This includes a covered and illuminated shooting position, the use of one of our ten (10) TRY-GUNS, three 12-bore side by sides, two 12-bore over/under, a 16 bore side by side, 20 bore side by side, a 20-bore over/under a 28-bore side by side and a .410 side by side. 

  The range of Try-Guns which we have on site is complete from the .410 to the 12-bore. We are the only firm which has the complete range of Try-Guns available to insure that you receive a proper gun fitting.

  Our TRY-GUN service includes individual attention by a B.A.S.C. Certified Shotgun Coach. You will begin your instruction by being shown the proper "STYLE" of shooting; (The proper "style", of shooting is made up of three factors: stance, grip, and mount.) You will shoot one of the TRY-GUNS until your proper fit and measurements are achieved.

  At this time the measurements are taken from the TRY-GUN and you are provided a certificate with these measurements for your personal records. This will allow you the opportunity to check the measurements of your existing guns and perhaps have the required adjustments made to your guns or in the event that you are going to have a new gun manufactured, you may provide these measurements to the Gunmaker. A TRY-GUN fitting session normally takes about 4 hours.

  You will also be afforded the opportunity to pattern your gun if you so desire.

  When searching for a gun-fitter, bear in mind a few simple facts:

  This is in every way a "hands on" working class. ALL cartridges are provided for the TRY-GUN. Fittings are by appointment only so that you may be assured of receiving individual and personal attention.

STOCKS BENT TO FIT:    After a Gun Fitting, should you wish to have your stock adjusted to your measurements, this may be accomplished in most cases by a simple stock bend. We provide quick turn around in time and use a combination of methods to bend your stock.

GUN CLUBS:   Special arrangements may be made for us to bring our TRY-GUN to your club for fittings at a special rate.

All work by Thomas Bland & Sons® Gunmakers Ltd. - Woodcock Hill Inc. will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will NOT be sending an anniversary card to your gun. A stock bend & to adjust your length of pull normally requires only a few days to complete (in most cases the work is completed overnight) and is on the way back to you.


  While visiting us here  accommodations are  available at the:

 Mattress & Muffin Bed & Breakfast  (Phone) 570-925-5466

Rickets Glen Hotel  570-477-3656  Not available Sunday night

VISTA LODGE INC.  3726 State Route 487, Stillwater, PA 17878  www.vistalodgebenton.com 570-925-2077. This is a recently constructed new cabin complex (2018). This is very well done and the accommodations in addition to being first class is now going for a rate of $69.00 per night. 



                                              There was a little man and he had a little gun,

                                        He killed his sitters very dead, dead, dead.

                                              But he stopped in his swing when the birds were on the wing

                                                        So he never hit the damn things in the head, head, head.




Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for Gun Fittings and any item listed in our web-site or catalog.


 British Association for Shooting & Conservation

Trade Members & Certified Instructors






Fiber Wad Cartridges








12 2 1/2 1 5 & 6 Tungsten Matrix 1.70 ea
12 2 15/16 6 & 7 GAME 100.00
12 2 1/2 1 6 & 7 GAME & CLAYS 85.00
16 2 1/2 1 6 & 7 GAME & CLAYS 85.00


2 1/2


6 &7




We only stock Gamebore shells in  2 ½ inch length to provide our customers with the availability of these difficult to locate cartridges.  They come only in flats of 250 cartridges (25 to the box)…

Shot sizes are English Shot Sizes 

The Tungsten Matrix Non-Toxic cartridges are sold by the box of 25 at $1.70 per cartridge and work in 2 1/2 inch chambered guns with proper proof and are suitable wherever Non-Toxic loads are required giving far better performance and penetration than steel shot which is                  not suitable for fine guns.





Woodcock Hill Inc. & Thomas Bland & Sons Gunmakers Ltd. now have the staff  who are specially trained to make and fit the Best London Style pigskin leather covered recoil pads that are the standard of the world.                       

LEATHER COVERED RECOIL PADS   Best pigskin (use only English pigskin for the best leather covered recoil pads) leather covered  recoil pads. They are made to order here in the United States to your specifications. Our staff has been trained in England by the firm which makes the Leather Pads for the top English Gun Making Firms. We use only the best English pigskin and materials. We offer a quick turn around time...  $355.00  Call for details on trade prices.





  The most comprehensive publication available, listing over 1,500 English Gunmakers in alphabetical order. This publication has taken Mr. John B. Friedman over 20 years to compile and has been published by Woodcock Hill Inc. Press. It allows you to know with some degree of certainty that the gun you may be examining is indeed of English manufacture. If you are seriously interested in English Sporting Guns this is one of those must have publications. 72pp wraps $31.00   

Limited Edition Hard Backed numbered copies are available at $105.00

  If you are serious about English guns this is a must have reference publication.

We accept                  

Call us at (570) 864-3242  or E-Mail us at  [email protected]

To make an appointment for a Try-Gun Fitting

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