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Driven Bird Shooting Trips


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DRIVEN PHEASANT SHOOTING   Here are the details for our 2019  Driven Pheasant Shoots. We have booked the week of Nov 8th until the 14th.  We will be shooting five days of driven grouse, pheasant, partridge and possibly few duck each week. We have added a day of driven grouse shooting if the birds are available this year, at the moment it is too early to tell. We have much more information on the Estates and local areas to offer you and the non-shooting guests, please contact us for more information.  


  Call 570-864-3242 and ask for Christa or Glenn with your questions, or send us an E-Mail to  [email protected]



   These are first class shoots; we have been shooting most of these Estates for many years.

We will happily provide you with references. 


                 Have you ever tried shooting Driven Birds?  Try it one time and you will be hooked!

  Woodcock Hill Inc. is again offering a variety of first class driven bird packages both in the United Kingdom and Scotland for the year 2015. All of the Shooting Packages as in previous years are offered as virtually complete first class shooting programs. The only extra items are your flight to the United Kingdom, B.A.S.C. (British Association of Shooters & Conservation) membership, transport to the shoot, minders if requested or required, bar bills, incidental items and tips. Your B.A.S.C. membership is a must, it only costs about 50.00 Pounds Sterling and provides you with 5,000,000.00 Pounds of liability insurance while shooting along with supporting Shooting and Game Conservation in the UK plus a well done quarterly magazine on country life in the UK.

  We must make our plans early to ensure that we get the number of birds and the Estates that we want. This is why we need to know who is interested in coming along early in the year. The Estates start their planning in January for the shooting season which begins in October. This also allows you plenty of time to prepare and plan for your trip. We do not provide any transportation from the United States as we feel this would drive up the cost of the trip unfairly. By arranging your own transportation this allows you to take advantage of any cheap discount flights available and more importantly to utilize any frequent flyer miles which you may have accumulated. Having said that, Christa will be most happy to assist you in sorting out your travel arrangements. It is imperative that we make our reservations early as this insures that we continuously have the prime weeks available to us. If you are interested in coming with us, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Our shoots often become booked quickly and they are filled on a first come first served basis. We try to give priority to repeat clients.


Driven Shooting

Driven Grouse, Pheasant & Partridge

  This year, as usual, our Driven Pheasant & Partridge Shoot will be held in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Due to our excellent rapport with the Estates on which we shoot our venues have not changed greatly over the years. We have found these Estates to offer the " best bang for our buck ".

 We offer you shooting over a variety of Estates in Scotland so that you may experience the Grampian region of Scotland and it's shooting.

Penan on the North Sea

Five Day Driven Pheasant, Partridge and Grouse Shoot


The Cost


The  cost is expected to be £13,500 pounds sterling  based upon single occupancy.  VAT has gone up to 20%. ( Due to increasing fuel costs and cost associated with bird raising, prices may increase)

Non shooting guests are welcome. The cost for a non shooting guest is expected to be 550 pounds. This covers food and transport. Lodging will be paid directly to the hotel by the guest. We have NEVER charged for guests in the past but due to economic pressures it has become necessary.

There will be a non-refundable deposit of £5,500.00 Pounds Sterling due at time of booking.  Balance due by July 30, 2019. If for some unforeseen reason you are unable to attend the shoot, you may send someone to fill your place. We will also endeavor to fill your peg in the event you can not make the shoot and would like our assistance. The Estates have assured us that in the case of an outbreak of bird flu we will have our money refunded.

Inclusive with the Price


   -   The cost is per gun with eight guns in the group.

   -   Five days driven bird shooting.                                                                                                              


   -   Elevenses - Mid-day  refreshments while shooting .

   -   Lunch on the Shoot.                                                                                                               

   -   Shotgun shells.                                                                                            

   -   Visitors Shotgun Permits.                                                                        

   -   Transport while on the shoot.



Crossing the line in safety


We anticipate shooting the following Estates for 2019


The Estates may change slightly by day of the week or the Estate itself.


Fyvie on Monday,  a driven day with a 250 bird bag. The home of Sir George Forbes-Leith, One of the finest Estates in Scotland covering several thousand acres. The shooting is superb, offering very challenging Pheasants and Partridge. Lunch is served in one of the finest Castles in Scotland. We usually shoot 2 days at this excellent Estate and we never shoot the same drive twice. Sir George is always happy to give a private tour of the  Castle which is a nice non shooting activity for the ladies.

Click on thumbnails to view Fyvie Castle Shoot

  Fyvie Castle      John Guald, Christa & Sir George never missed a bird with his walking stick  




                         Lunch at Fyvie in the original recreation room                                                         Track to the pegs




Ralia on Wednesday,  a driven day with a 200 bird bag. A large Estate with over 9,000 acres in the magnificent Highlands.  The bag will be Pheasant and Partridge.




       In the Highlands where the birds are all fantastic and always a great shoot. 250 to 300 birds.


Willie & Christa Jerry & Glenn Mexican Army


 Inclusive in the price is five days driven shooting,  mid morning refreshment and shoot lunch, cartridges and shotgun permits and Game License.





Please contact us for more comprehensive information on these shoots, do not delay if you are interested in having a memorable shooting experience. We have much more information on the Estates and the local areas to offer you and non-shooting guests but space is limited in this catalogue. Call 570-864-3242 and ask for Christa or Glenn with your questions. Or send us an E-Mail to [email protected]

Do you ever feel as if you are in a rut? Remember; the only difference between a rut and the grave is the depth. The moral being; enjoy life while you can still do so.

    Click on thumbnail to view lunch hut on the grouse moors



                                                                    Fire Power                                                                                               Fyvie Castle



Ballindolloch  Castle 





                                                                                              Ready to go     



For those shooting with us there is a 10% Discount for all Driven Bird Schools


  If you accompany us or are going with another Shooting Party to Europe, it is NOT cheap and it certainly is foolish to go without being prepared. THOMAS BLAND & SONS GUNMAKERS Ltd. SHOOTING SCHOOL offers one or two day instructional courses which will prepare you for your journey, be it for grouse or pheasants. We will offer you instructions so that you will be able to deal effectively with:

  1. High Incomers.
  2. Incoming targets to the left or right.
  3. Birds coming up or going down the line.
  4. Going away targets & how to deal with them.
  5. How to work with a loader.
  6. How to load quickly when you do not have a loader.
  7. The clothing you will need.
  8. The equipment to bring with you.
  9. How to develop the proper style of shooting.
  10. How to shoot properly with double guns.
  11. When to shoot and when not to shoot.
  12. What to shoot.
  13. Plus dozens of other suggestions.

   You will shoot as much as you like and will certainly be well prepared for the events with which you shall be faced. Even if you are an experienced gun, it is certainly worth while to ensure that you will be ready and not let the team down. The targets that are presented resemble closely in speed and flight pattern the birds that you will be shooting.

   Should you wish, you will be afforded the opportunity to have a TRY-GUN FIT at no extra charge.

Cost: $385.00 per day + cartridges & clays. Lunch is provided


                       Unloading for a drive at Drummuir                                 





                                                                                                    Christa managed a retrieve where the dogs failed                              

Red Grouse Scotland

2019  Scotland  2019



Offered By

   Woodcock Hill Inc.

Thomas Bland & Sons

Gunmakers Ltd.

192 Spencers Road, Benton, PA 17814
Phone (570) 864-3242    E-Mail   [email protected]



 British Association for Shooting & Conservation

Trade Members & Certified Instructors


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for any item listed in our web-site or catalog.

Once again Woodcock Hill Inc. is offering excellent shooting packages in Scotland


Check things out and if you have any questions give us a call at

 (570) 864-3242

or E- Mail us at [email protected] we will happily provide you with references. To Return to our Home Page or Visit Another Page Click On one of the underlined Links Below

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