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Every Gun and Rifle not on Consignment is offered with a 10% Discount

During the Christmas Season

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Please help our Service Men and Women this Christmas Season

We are offering to all Active Service members an additional 10% discount on each item ordered for Christmas.

 What are you doing to help a Solider This Christmas?

The items listed for Christmas Special apply until 1 January 2017


Plan on Visiting us in Harrisburg PA at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show



We offer gift certificates for every item listed in our Web Site.





SHOOTING SCHOOLS  There is 15% off  Shooting Schools booked as a Christmas Gift.  


TRY-GUN FITTINGS:      There is  15% off  Try-Gun Fittings booked as a Christmas Gift.


10% Christmas Discount on all Napier Products

Gun Cleaner   Napier Gun Cleaner/Lubricant is the modern solution to cleaning all firearms. Powerful solvents safely and effectively dissolve all fouling from the barrels which can then easily be removed. Napier Gun Cleaner is also an effective lubricant and leaves a fine film of VP90 gun oil on all surfaces, protecting from corrosion through contact and vapor phase inhibitors. Suitable for all types of of weapons, the power spray action is directed into awkward areas and is economical in use. In CFC free cans. The 300ml can is... $12.00 while the large 750ml can is available at... $18.75

Gun Oil   Napier Gun Oil is the last word in protection of any firearm. Containing VP90 corrosion inhibitors for contact and vapor phase action, this Oil has the ability to penetrate into even the most inaccessible parts of the gun to provide complete protection from corrosion. High grade mineral lubricants ensure that Napier Gun Oil will not break down under extremes of temperature and will keep ejectors and action protected.  The high surface adhesion properties help to keep the oil where it is needed and make the removal of finger marks a simple matter of wiping over the weapon. Napier Gun Oil is very economical as a fine film is all that is required to protect and to lubricate... 125 ml bottle $8.00 or a 300 ml spray can at $13.50

RAPID Degreaser   Napier Rapid Degreaser carbon remover. This is the very latest product in the Napier Gun Care Line up to now available. RAPID Degreaser is a powerful cleaning agent suitable for any type firearm, it's blend of solvents very quickly cuts through carbon deposits, old grease and oils and is ideal for regular cleaning of pistons and parts in semi-automatic shotgun, choke tubes, threads etc. It's newly developed formula  is remarkably effective in removing stubborn dirt, but is much less aggressive on composite parts and wooden stocks than conventional cleaners. RAPIS Degreaser is faster and easier to use than other products and it compliments the existing range of Napier Gun Oils and Cleaners. It is vital that all guns cleaned with Napier RAPID Degreaser be immediately oiled after application and clean-up. The solution will remove all traces of lubricating products along with dirt and carbon deposits... 350 ml spray can $14.50


BOOKS:   There is a 10% discount on all books.

Rurark Robert   HORN OF THE HUNTER     SIXTIETH  ANNIVERSARY ISSUE   A Limited edition of 1,000 numbered and signed copies, signed by Harry Selby the PH on the Safari about which this book was written. This is volume 72 of the Safari Press Classics in African Hunting. Contained in Slipcase. The Foreword is 4,000 words by Selby giving his complete account of the Safari along with Selby's experiences with Robert Rurark in the hunts they subsequently took after this sortie into Tanzania. Selby made available color and black and white photos of the 1951 Safari he took on Safaris with Rurark...  $85.00 Less 10% for Christmas

Christmas Special 10% off all Coast Products

COAST P7 LED LIGHT     The finest vehicle, belt, pocket or purse light we have ever seen. This 5.5 inch light has a range of 738 feet, has 360 luminas, 2.3 watts, has a battery life of 78 hours and operates on 4 AAA batteries (included) not the extremely costly special and hard to find batteries of other far more costly lights. At the affordable price you should have one in each vehicle for that emergency that turns up when least expected... $75.00

    Click on thumbnail to view P7 Light


COAST HP14      This is the larger compact carry light with a massive 629 Lumens, 813 foot beam with slide focus a 248 meter beam distance on high and a 1 hour 30 minute run time on high. a 252 meter beam on medium with a 15 hour run time. The focus on low is 67 meters and the 4 provided AA batteries last up to 56 hours. The overall length is 8.4 inches and weighs 14.2 ounces with a strong aluminum alloy body.  This light also has a beam lock. This is truly a fantastic light which avoids the very expensive and costly batteries so many lights require... 80.00


     Click on thumbnail to view HP14 Light


SILVERS PADS      The original English Silvers pads made in England:  Available in two colors,  The original Orange and a new darker shade. If you wish to add the best here they are again. We will instathem for you if you wish...  $72.50 

     Click on thumbnail to View Silvers Pads

DS      The original English Silvers pads made in England:  Available in two colors,  The original Orange and a new darker shade. If you wish to add the best here they are again. We will install them for you if you wish...  $72.50 

     Click on thumbnail to View Silvers Pads


COAST POCKET PLIERS™ WITH BIT SET    Here along with the Coast P7 Light is the must have all on one tool. No matter where you are this is the one tool which can get you up and running again if anything can. It is truly a sturdy item manufactured to the highest standard. Contained in a sturdy pouch with belt loop so that you will never forget it when you head into the bush or hit the trail. There is NOTHING out there which compares.  At the affordable price you should have one in each vehicle for that emergency that turns up when least expected... $58.00

COAST FOLDING POCKET KNIFE TOOL    Sturdy 3 inch Titanium coated 440C Stainless Steel drop point blade with partial serration blade, Overall length folded 4 1/8 inches. Brushed steel cutout handles . Thumb stud for one hand opening. Includes locking mini serrated scissors, Phillips head and slotted screwdrivers, a Liner lock and a belt clip. This is a seriously practical and useful tool for easy pocket carry... $22.50


COAST LED FLEX LITE   Clips to hat, shirt or books for reading at night. Has 360Degrees of lighting, LED lasts 100,000 hours. comes with 4 AG13 batteries... $15.00


COAST HL7 LED Head Lamp   Focusing LED Headlamp with a flood beam or bulls eye spot lamp variable light technology a bright 183 lumens.  Comes with nylon storage pouch. Uses 3 AAA  batteries not included...  $44.00COAST HL7 LED Head Lamp

 COAST LED Key Ring Light    Sturdy key ring LED light, 17 Lumens, unbreakable LED Lasts 50,000 hours, ideal for pocket or purse comes complete with 4 AG5 batteries... $6.00

BOOT or JACKET PULLS:    Don't break the bank for a special individual gift.  Hand made in Scotland of roe deer antler. They are superb for pulls on Le Chameau zippers or any jacket zippers. Each in it's small gift box and each is different... $10.00 a pair   Great Gift Items when you need something for the individual who has everything!!

    Click on thumbnail to view roe deer pulls.

Zebra (left) and Springbok (right)  on Cape Buffalo  Slings...   $130.00

       Click on thumbnail to view Cape Buffalo Rifle Sling 

CROCADILE & CAPE BUFFALO Rifle Sling   100% Cape Buffalo and Crocodile with padded backing and fitted with QD sling swivels... $135.00


CAPE BUFFALO SLING:    100% Cape Buffalo hide with padded backing and fitted with QD slings... $130.00

    Click on thumbnail to view Cape Buffalo Rifle Sling 

Cartridge Bags:   In tan and brown, all are of Payne Gallwey design (open mouth and a hinged flap to provide for quick access to your cartridges) the tan bag on the left is for 100 cartridges and fitted with quick load slots on the outside and lined with soft red chamois leather...  £215.00   The brown Cartridge Bag on the right is of the same best quality English leather Payne Gallwey (open mouth hinged flap) for 75 cartridges and lined with tan suede...  £200.00  Both bags are fitted with adjustable leather and wide canvas straps for easy adjustment and carry.

All bags are lined with suede or chamois leather to ensure all bags are finished both inside and out to the highest professional standard. The colors of the lining vary to match the exterior finish.   

             Oxblood showing suede lining

   Dark Tan with tan lining           

Leather Accessory Pouch     Used at the turn of the century to contain accessories, keep them from getting lost or damaging your case.  Hand made of the finest leathers...  $38.00  in various colors

    Click on thumbnail to view pouch

SILICONE CLEANING CLOTH   Sturdy silicone impregnated cleaning cloths... $5.00

   Click on thumbnail to view Silicone Cloth

MOUSE PAD:     Thomas Bland & Sons Gunmakers Ltd. mouse pad made as a replication of the 1900 Trade Label. Four color (gold background, white black and grey) 9 1/2 inches by 8 inches. Works perfect with all forms of mice including optical...  $8.50

   Click on thumbnail to view mouse pad





  Barlow designs create gifts and collectibles for all occasions. Whichever you choose will delight the recipients with finely executed engravings in life like detail and classic composition. The pleasing array of design selections ranges from sporting to botanical, whimsical to heraldic, nautical to nostalgic - - - certain to satisfy all. We furnish the entire range of fine Barlow gifts: 


          Click on thumbnail to view coasters, letter openers, money clips & knife...               


Coaster Sets   Available in Upland Game Bird Set, woodcock, grouse, quail & pheasant $30.00... Waterfowl Set, wood duck, mallard, pintails, geese $30.00... Songbird Set, these are hand painted in full color, goldfinch, cardinal, hummingbird, chickadee... $44.00           


Letter Openers   Richly detail scenes carved and inlaid in solid brass. $25.00... Available in hand painted hummingbird, mallards in flight, wood ducks, fisherman & loon pair... $30.00


Tie Tacs & Tie Bar Top-drawer accessories for the sporting man, round in shape. $15.00 Available with mallard in flight, woods duck and loon...             


Money Clip Knives   Gold plate finish, stainless steel blade & nail file. $25.00 Available with pheasants, mallards in flight, mallards in water, fly fisherman, setter, Labrador & caduceus...

  Contact us for the full line of special order Barlow Gift Items - Swiss style knives, pen knives, lock back knives, oval key chains, key chain knives, round key chains, western key chains, rectangular key chains, leather key chains, money clips, money clip knives, oval buckles, bolo ties, tie tacs, tie bars, cuff links, valet boxes, stamp holders, pen stands, business card cases, brass business card holders, book marks, oval boxes, pill boxes and cribbage boards.


For the Lady in Your Life   Necklaces, lockets, locket pins, oval earrings, oval pins, round earrings and link bracelets.


WILDLIFE COLLECTION   Pewter sporting pins...   $6.95 each


WOODCOCK HILL   Gun Socks, one size fits all, protect your shotguns and rifles... $6.00




PELATOR TACTICAL 6S   Ear Protectors, lightweight and easy to use, they operate on 4 AAA batteries (not included). Great for clay shooting, sitting in a deer or turkey stand...  $70.00   Christmas discount of 15% on the Pelator for a bottom line of $59.50



VP 90       Total corrosion protection  Over 250,000 shooters use this remarkable product worldwide to protect guns or any metal object either in a gun safe or bag.  Advanced vapor phase action deposits and invisible monomolecular coating on any exposed metal, leaving glass, plastic and wood unaffected.   Put this in your gun safe and you will have complete protection from rust, it is a fantastic product.   Each packet lasts for several months in your safe. Defeat Rust for only...  $13.50   





Great gift items

10 % off on all Knives for the Christmas Shopper plus free shipping

Stag, Bone, Wood & Ivory Handled Knives


Knives of Alaska  A short 3 1/2 inch blade, makers shleather sheath, A compact knive where weight counts. $120.00

IvR   Custom Made Knife in Texas with giraffe bone handle, 4 inch blade, expertly balanced while extremely good looking. Comes with it's leather sheath plus a cape buffalo hide case with a stag horn zipper pull. a knife of the best quality and may be a collectors item as well... $245.00

Master Cuttlery   A short blade 2 1/4 inch knife with leather sheath. For when there is no need for a long blade... $65.00

 W. R. Case & Son     Made in US  with Stag handle and best 4 inch steel blade. Fitted sheath and 10 1/2 inch Wildebeest hide carrier to protect the knife... $155.00


Queen Cutlery   Custom made in Pennsylvania, a lovely stag handle 4 inch blade knife with fitted sheath... $98.00

Muela    Custom stainless steel stag handle hunting knife made in Spain with sheath... $80.00

Bear & Sons  Another USA custom stag handle knife with fitted sheath... $85.00 

Hen & Rooster   USA custom stag handle knife, with 4 inch blade, very well balanced beautiful knife with a 3 inc blade. With fitted sheath... $92.00

The ideal gift for the outdoor man or woman,


Free Shipping plus 10% Discount on Knives for Christmas


The ideal gift for the outdoor man or woman,


                                          There was a little man and he had a little gun,

                                                                    He killed his sitters very dead, dead, dead

                                                                        But he stopped in his swing when the birds were on the wing

                                                                             So he never hit the damn things in the head, head, head.                                                                                                                                                                                          

                                                                                                                                                                      Don't be like the little man, learn to hit your birds on the wing;

Learn the better way learn the BASC way!


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